Our Entire Kitchen is Built on A Roulette Wheel

The PR info:

Bill Rancic will be available for phone interview Thursday, March 13th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm ET on the behalf of the brand-new Food Network series KITCHEN CASINO.

Bill is a very successful entrepreneur with many different job titles and even is a restaurateur of the popular RPM-Italian chain. His latest gig is host of the new competition series that brings together four talented chefs in a high-stakes game of chance that requires skill, speed and adaptability. The contestants must out-smart their competitors in casino-themed challenges for a chance to win $30,000. KITCHEN CASINO premieres Monday, April 7th at 9pm ET on Food Network.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would be interested in interviewing Bill. Interview slots will fill quickly and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The KITCHEN CASINO press release is attached, and Bill's bio is included below.

Bill Rancic:

Bill Rancic originally burst onto the public scene as the first-ever winner of NBC's The Apprentice. Ten years later, this successful entrepreneur wears many hats as a television producer, best-selling author, television personality and restaurateur of the popular restaurant RPM-Italian chain. Rancic is co-executive producer and star with his wife Giuliana Rancic on their reality show, Guiliana & Bill. He also co-hosts the successful nationally syndicated television show, America Now, which recently celebrated its 500th episode and is currently in its fourth season. Rancic is the author of New York Times bestsellers You're Hired: How to Succeed in Business and Life and Beyond The Lemonade Stand. Rancic and wife Giuliana co-authored the best-seller I Do...Now What?, in which the couple share their secrets to everlasting love and understanding.



A "phoner" with television's Bill Rancic, in support of Kitchen Casino.

I never heard of America Now, and the only reason I knew who Mr. Rancic was is because I have been exposed to the reality show he is on with his wife, so I had this one little chunk of a relatable incident from that show (my wife checked the show out a coupla times and told me about it) but I didn't even need that! I mean, the name of this new show is Kitchen Casino, come on! I am recently Unemployed from my Day Job, so I have been hustling any little piece of whatever I can get my hands on, but the alt-weekly newspaper I usually dump my interviews on "passed," so here it is! The Most of Kinja!


It was one of those phone things where the Publicity Person phones you and then conferences you in to an Undisclosed phone number. I forgot to ask Mr. Rancic where he was, and what he was wearing or eating and stuff, to set the scene, so: I was in my Rumpus Room in my basement, fully dressed, because it's cold down there until I can get the electric heater going. I had my iPhone set up on top of a little cardboard box, because I had to put it on speaker and aim it at my SONY PCM-M10 LINEAR PCM RECORDER. It woulda been better if I coulda called a number through my computer with the Google phone thing, because then I coulda recorded directly and got better sound, but I guess they don't want to give out phone numbers. Seriously, who cares? Although I did a thing with Darrell Hammond, who used to be on Saturday Night Live, and we talked about his Bill Clinton impression, and how he held his hand in a sorta little forward-pointing thumb-up gesture, and since Mr. Hammond phoned me for the interview, I had a number, and a few days later I saw Bill Clinton on TV doing the little hand gesture, and I took a picture of it and texted it to the number, and so Darrell Hammond was all WHO IS THIS??? Sorry about that.

Anyway, Bill Rancic and I, once conferenced-in, started talking at the same time, and after some mangled and unintelligible mutual greetings, we began.

Me: OK, um, so,you,this—so, um, is there any specific plug you wanna get in before we get goin'? (laughs)


Bill Rancic: (clattering sound) Obviously this is about Kitchen Casino, certainly, the show.

Me: Yes!

Bill Rancic: It's you know, most important.

Me: OK, I told the person, uh, who sent me the email about the uh, about this, (quotation marks sound to voice) interview opportunity, that she had me at Kitchen, and then she had me at Casino.


Bill Rancic: (laughs) Indeed, indeed. People are gonna love it, I think.It's a pretty unique show.

Me: So, um, uh, uhh, are you on the show at all, or are you just like, the presenter?

Bill Rancic: I'm the host of the show.

Me: You are the host. OK.

Bill Rancic: Mm-hmm.

Me: Can I ask you, can I ask you a buncha dumb questions about the show?

Bill Rancic: (slight exasperation, waiting for "interview" to begin) Yes, of course, anything you want.


Me: Is the show filmed in a casino.

Bill Rancic: (pause) Well, we built a casino set in the studio, so uh, it's got all the elements of a casino, slot machines, poker tables, the entire kitchen is built on a roulette wheel, so it actually spins like a roulette wheel.

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Me: Oh my god. OK, so it's like the Iron Chef, you built this arena for this to happen in.

Bill Rancic: Exactly. Yeah, precisely

Me: Now, what state of the Union is this filmed in, is this filmed in California? ("Filmed," for fuck's sake.)


Bill Rancic: It is filmed in the great city of New York, in the state of New York.

Me: Oh! OK, Alright, because I wanna do know is, is, how can I bet on this?

Bill Rancic: (pause) I'm sure once the show gets up and running Vegas will have an opportunity where you'll be able to gamble on it. You can bet on just about anything in Vegas, can't you?


Me, Mr. TV Helper: Yes, and I think I think it's gonna be very important that you tie in to the whole, the whole world of betting action on this show because, yes.

Bill Rancic: Well maybe next season we'll have it in one of the big casinos on the strip in Vegas.

Me: Right! And you can tour it, you can go around the world, man, you can go to Monte Carlo, you know, anywhere where there's a casino, anywhere.


Bill Rancic: Now you're talkin'! Monte Carlo would work.

Me: I just—the idea—so it's a kitchen battle, there, I mean the, the—

Bill Rancic: Do you watch the cooking competition shows, are you a fan?

Me: Yes. (No. I mean, I liked the original Iron Chef, but I never watched anything after that except for the one where Gordon Ramsey yells at people who have shitty restaurants, but what am I supposed to say here, "no?")


Bill Rancic: So Chopped for example, if you like Chopped you're gonna love this. It's a cooking competition show, but it brings it to a whole new level, because now you have to incorporate strategy, not only do you have to be an incredibly talented chef, you have to understand the importance of strategy, and agility, because you're getting thrown into these different casino games that are gonna impact how you cook in the kitchen, so—

Me: (laughs)

Bill Rancic: —let's just think, take "Chef Roulette," you've played roulette, right, I assume?


Me: And lost! Yes.

Bill Rancic: Yes. So, our entire kitchen is built on a roulette wheel, so I'm going to assign all our chefs a protein, so chefs, today you're gonna have to cook with (unintelligible buzz-click sound, sounded like he said "shIbzzt!s," or maybe it was "chips," whatever, a protein, OK? I can't fact-check this, are you kidding me, I'm gonna call the publicists and ask "'uh, what hypothetical protein was Mr. Rancic postulating in the eight-minute phoner we did two weeks ago? Hello? Hello?) and then, they may be five minutes into their cook, eight minutes, 10 minutes, who knows, the wheel spins, just like in roulette, and your cooking station, with all your ingredients and everything you're preparing may stop in front of one of the other chefs, and their stuff may stop in front of you, so midway through, you're getting someone else's dish, and you're gonna have to make it edible, so if you're competing in "Chef Roulette," some may say well, shoot, I may never see this dish again, so I'm gonna put every ingredient under the sun that is horrible, so the poor son of a gun who gets it after me can't do anything with it!

Me: Right.

Bill Rancic: That make sense?

Me: It makes sense, the idea is they don't know how many times the dish is gonna get switched.


Bill Rancic: Exactly. You don't know where it's gonna end up, you don't know how many spins around it's gonna go.

Me, with images of disgusting not-food ingredients to accomplish this, but I wasn't gonna say that: So somebody could gamble, if it's late in the game, somebody could definitely put something horrible in the dish.

Bill Rancic: They could put the most—right. They could put the most horrible ingredients known to mankind in there.


Me: (laughs) So it's very cutthroat.

Bill Rancic: It is! It's about skill, being able to be agile, it's about strategy, it's also about not being greedy, because in the end, the winner has a chance to make even more money, and there's a chance that you could win this thing, and that you could go home with nothing.

Me: Your pool of talent for this, your pool of competitive chefs, where are you finding these people.


Bill Rancic: They come from all over the country, some are classically trained, some have incredible pedigrees, , some are self-taught, and they come from all over, and we also have incredibly talented judges, some you may know, Madison Collins, he was anIron Chef [America] winner, we've got Michael Chernow, he is the owner of the Meatball Shop chain, Aliya Leekong, very impressive judges who I've loved working with.

Me: So it's, so, the chefs are people who wanna win 30 grand, they're not worldwide-known chefs.

Bill Rancic: Some are, well, they're well-trained, I mean, we don't have Bobby Flay out there.


Me, Mr. Industry Insider: Right, 30 grand ain't enough for him.

Bill Rancic: They have incredible pedigrees, they've trained at some of the finest institutions in the world, and some are, you know, folks who run a ma-and-pa, you know, restaurant, and they taught themselves how to cook.

Me: Awesome. Is there any, uh, is there any sort of casino, other casino aspect, do you have scantily-clad women, or are people drink during the show, anything like that?


Bill Rancic: There is drinking. There is drinking during the show, the judges indulge in a lot of the cocktails, we also have poker, "Chef Poker," we have "Chef Roulette," so certainly we've incorporated a lot of games into this competition.

Me: (laughs) Well, this sounds—how many have you shot?

Bill Rancic: We've shot eight so far.

Me: OK, will there be a point here I mean, has there been an announcement for people who wanna compete in this, because I know a coupla chefs here in Baltimore who would love to get in on this.


Bill Rancic: I think if you go to Food Network dot com if you go to the site, they're casting the next season, they're always looking for folks who wanna compete, so that'd be great. Food Network dot com.

Me: Cool. (laughs) This sounds like a great show! Hey, Why don't you do it at one of Trump's casinos?

Bill Rancic: You never know.I like that idea. I think it'd be a lot of fun.

Me: You have a good relationship with him.


Bill Rancic: Yeah! Sure do, absolutely.

Me: OK, did somebody just win something? I just heard some yelling.

Bill Rancic: Um, my son just woke up from his nap, my wife was bringing him over here. So he is eating an apple and he is howling.


Me: (laughs)Well, good for him, it means he's healthy, that's good.

Bill Rancic: Healthy, healthy little boy.

Me: Alright, well, I am very excited about this, I gotta admit, my wife—I got sucked into watching your show with Giuliana [Rancic, as in Mrs.] because my wife


Bill Rancic: What are you gonna do, thank you. We have a new season of that coming out as well.

Me: she sucks me into all the reality shows, and I was on the other side of the coin with that whole "RPM" thing. (The old-school parents wanted it to not be an abbreviation, they wanted it to be a real name)

Bill Rancic: You were against RPM?

Me: I was against the RPM name, I was with the old school on that one, give it a different name.


Bill Rancic: You know we're opening up an RPM in DC.

Me: Great, that's good that's only 35 miles from here.

Bill Rancic: It's under construction right now, it's the old NPR building, it's not too far from you.


Me: Yeah, and you almost kept, you kept two outta three letters!

Bill Rancic: (something approximating a laugh/breath) Well, I appreciate you taking the time, and I hope you enjoy the show.

Me: Alright man, we're building a casino here in Baltimore, so you gotta do the show in Baltimore.


Bill Rancic: (With an air of "is this done yet?") I love it, that'd be great.

Me: Thank you.

Bill Rancic: Alright, thank you.

Me: Later.