New voicemail from [redacted] at 1:02 PM

Yeah miles of me today. I just left her at the house. There's gonna. Do your magic on the kitchenthere. I gotta go to work, so if there's anything just. Just give me a call. Thanks.

New voicemail from [redacted] at 4:15 PM

Hey years to tell the tape, just from she's but I think she's done for the day. So she changed her mind.So, said she is toasted you or your birthday again. So it'll be just you when you lived in myself. It'sabout 415 right now. My preference would be since must Gail, maybe to push it to 7 o'clock. But, Ifyou're not here injured owl. I'd like you can confirm and so I'll try call you later on. So I'll see you.

New voicemail from [redacted] at 5:36 PM

Yes there and just drop drop her rings good to go. So she's she's all mad time's about Quarter 6, I'llsee you later.

New voicemail from [redacted] at 9:31 PM

Hey, I have that 60% of what you said, curly, 264 30. Great, I think I may most, so I'll call you backlater that on that click, we're quite a resolute 2 which were saying I'll I'll see you later.


New voicemail from [redacted] at 7:07 PM

Hey, I just check with him. She finally got got through it. Jury pool things she does a jury dutytomorrow and They suggest you get down here. You know you go. It's 7:30 in the ass a deadline is 8o'clock so That's. That's quicker dude. Currently, so she does, she said you're doing she tell you oneof the sum of money Vegas and i know i know the rate was one so it's print, so I guess was prettysuccessful weekend, alright, give me a job. Just just give me a call when you when, when you touchdown. I'll see you later.

New voicemail from [redacted] at 12:03 PM

Hey. I get to catch and change that your arrival time on the so lots of going earlier So I need you topick me up at about heat in the morning to the til 9 o'clock. So, I'll talk to you later We're, got the exacttimes program run 8 o'clock where the about a maybe. Hello. This is a probably like 745 would bebetter, okay I'll see you later.


New voicemail from [redacted] at 8:28 AM

Hi Richard, I said hello. Joel Institute.

New voicemail from [redacted] at 1:40 PM

Hey Joe, This is Melissa calling from lens crafters and Dr firm is office. I'm sorry the voicemail Tahoeand hopefully you check this, but it looks like that. We actually had applied your benefits incorrectlyand you have coverage to wear jury duty. M and a deeper discounts eligible for you for your classes sowe actually owe you $77 for your services tonight if you and get this message and can give us a callback before 3 o'clock today. We can go ahead and refund that money to you and skipped. After thatcredit card information over the phone if you're comfortable with that. Otherwise when you pick up youreyewear there'll be no in your try in at that time, we can go ahead and apply it for you at that time felt ifyou could just give us a call back and let us know which way you want to cancel it but we do have a 77dollar credit coming your way self. Our number is [redacted] and I apologize about the confusionon that. Thank you, bye bye.


New voicemail from [redacted] at 12:30 PM

Hey JOE. MACLEOD. I'll text you said you were a voicemail. But it's, but clearly about. This call.Regards about the idea. Sorry I didn't get to the school yesterday. I apologize.

New voicemail from [redacted] at 9:29 AM

Yeah, call mop soon as you get this, the great cat died today. Okay so called we'll get it. So give her acall, she said she's going to that tag sales she might. You'll probably on the cellphone at that point shemight that be the house number okay. It's about 930 here.


New voicemail from [redacted] at 9:35 AM

Couple update since the last message. I was going to take sale which you try your cellphone and it'snot charged. So you won't go zero cellphone. It's couple blocks away to church down there She saidthat take it in a plastic bag and it's from The, The, cats wrapped up within the bat. The cats in thebasket in. She said in there for a room for apartment which you like you to do. Please go over there, inas soon as you can get the basket knee and take to get away for cremation said she doesn't want thebasket over the blanket, or, or or anything else okay That should touch covered and time's about. 9:30so I told her way to bed. Tim is free. She went to tag sale you get this in the early you can give her acall back okay policies. I'll see you later.

New voicemail from [redacted] at 10:27 PM

Bye, call joe. But right now. Saw Her That's. Ron number JOE texted her what you are. Ifshe's not familiar with Cathy So I don't know how to call him to get some information. So if we can callJoe that to call, Ronnie at 703 text of 04 time. That's our home phone to talk to her because she does.She does check okay or if she if she lost it, so bring okay.


New voicemail from [redacted] at 12:33 PM

Hey JOE, This is Larry, I've got to get here. Margo overseas but for. Thank you so much if you just outdid yourself. I don't know, hey just amazing artist, in residence. So anyway I'm gonna take care of it. Iget back, like I can't get over there today. But. I just just height. Thanks to wonderful tribute to him inand wonderful trip to you later take. Take care, This is Larry bye bye.

New voicemail from [redacted] at 2:59 PM

ON the Sonic. Hey, hi here another truck request. I think. Unfortunately, I'll have to turn you downbecause I tried to get it in for repairs soon as I get to go that that I got a bunch. I got a bunch of stuffschedule in for a breaks in a couple of the majors. So so sorry about that. But privatize shape to go toto make a attorney like like that. So if you have any questions. Just give me a call the cellphone orsomething because I'm leaving work in the next couple minutes. Okay. I'll see you later.


New voicemail from [redacted] at 10:12 PM

From, hey, hey benefits, give me a you're okay sir. Thanks, but Wolf, Mr. I don't know if you would liketo talk to you. Bye. You. Well hey. So if you wanted to say 6, hey girl. I think we work We're, warrant.We were thinking okay see you, bye okay until Yes Yeah, Thank you, hello. Yes, No bye. Ciao. Kate,hey, okay. Hey, hey, it Justin, hey, hey. But hey, but. Hey, hey. But message. Okay bye. Bye. The.Okay, bye, bye bye bye bye. Sprint the hello hello. Hey Yeah, hey. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.Hello. Hello, keep him.

New voicemail from [redacted] at 6:42 PM

Hey, We have a we have a situation here, we can't get in your front door you're still under a shot thedoor, Block, we can't get it I tried the back door. Love the keys and lie has works. So you need to getthe keys to the back door at 2 keys, express mailed them tomorrow okay. So, get get to the postoffice steering didn't get a minute. Otherwise can't kick it in okay. Call me when when you get themessage. Okay. I'll see you.


New voicemail from [redacted] at 3:17 PM

Hey, I'm at your house now with a lot guys. So. State State 2 through a bold films from the.

New voicemail from [redacted] at 7:58 PM

Hey, yeah JOE. This is Ted Colonel, Zeke you visited the other day at my house. Would, Jessica. My,my cousin. Yeah we can do me a favor, and email. Yeah he Ronny's Yeah, address, And herhusband's name, we wanna send send the Yeah, the card tutor. Would you do that you you know myemail address, but I'll repeat it right now but farm 3536 at your eyes and dot net. I love him again Butfarm your a 536 at your eyes and dot net bye. Yeah, I think you very much. Bye.


New voicemail from [redacted] at 12:05 AM

Help. Hello. Hello hello, talk to you. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Bye, bye bye bye bye hey, huh. Bye.Cheers, but bye bye hey but bye. Hello, Okay bye. Hey, Hello. Okay bye. We Are, hello hey hey hey,hey. It is Hey Hey. Okay bye. Scanned, ohh bye hello there. Well, I'd okay bye, hey hey bye or hellohello hello. Good. Hello. Hello. Hey, yes.