Here is a previously unpublished Mr. Wrong column from February of 2014, which was never printed in City Paper, the Alternative Weekly in Baltimore, Maryland. The column was written as CP was being sold to the Baltimore Sun Media Group, which publishes the Baltimore Sun, a daily newspaper owned by Tribune Publishing. This particular column is a distillation of the Fear, Apprehension, and Uncertainty-terror I was experiencing upon learning of the deal, along with the idea I might never again get to write the F-word—a large, and possibly only, element of the The Mr. Wrong Column’s brand identity—in my column with the expectation of seeing it printed. Plus the idea that I might lose my day job. Which I did, lose my day job, but The Mr. Wrong Column continues, pooped out weekly by me in my capacity as a Valued Freelancer for City Paper, tolerated by the Baltimore Sun Media Group, so I’ve got that going for me.

Illustration for article titled Heres a Previously Unpublished Mr. Wrong Column from February 2014

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