I would like to thank my Tweet-homie @samstecky, who works (I think) in Chicago, at the electronic carpetbagger-of-Baltimore site Chicago Sun Times—I mean, Baltimore Sun Times—for inquiring as to the WWWhereabouts of the piece referred to here as a “[m]ost penetrating piece of media criticism.” Har!

Anyway, I have requested for a link to this installment of the Mr. Wrong column to be resurrected* on the under-reconstruction Web space of City Paper, but it occurs to me that this offering loses something going cross-platform or whatever, so I offer the below image of the column as it appeared in its original typeset-for-newsprint manifestation in the Year of Our Lord 2004.


Formatted as “two columns,” it may prove to be a bit confusing, since this form of newspapering is referred to as a “column,” but the meaning is different; what you do is read down the left-hand side, skip over the “readout” part (the larger type going across the entire width of the piece), continue down to the bottom of the first column (of the COLUMN, right? I know!), then go back up to the top of the second column and read down, again skipping over the “readout” part. Or maybe you could print it out on “tabloid”-sized piece of paper (11”x17”) for the original analog effect. I’m starting a band called Analog Effect. Anyway, thank you, and shoutout out the typeface Belizio, big fan.

Illustration for article titled Here’s a Copy of the Mr. Wrong “Cicada” Column from 2004

* Update: Here’s the column on the City Paper Web site.

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