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FRAUD AT POLLS: Rahm Emanuel winning Dance-off vs. Charlie Rangel

Typical Chicago-style politics at work here, compliments of the Chicago Sun-Times, so lets try and Gerrymander the poll in the interests of Democracy! Wielder of one of the last great NYC accents, embattled-censured-up-for-reelection-in-a-tough-contest Rep. Charles Bernard "Charlie" Rangel (D, 13th District) is dancing a dance with steps and stuff!

Meanwhile, erstwhile POTUS sword-arm Rahmbo is kinda looking like a creepy guy at the club, but it was kinda I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THIS VIDEO OF CHICAGO MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL NOT DANCING compelling, watching him take off his tie in preparation for maybe some B-Boy Breakin', but turned out disappointingly to simply be more gentle air-humping of the row of folding chairs in front of him.

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