Here's a Previously Unpublished "Mr. Wrong" Column from February 2014

Here is a previously unpublished Mr. Wrong column from February of 2014, which was never printed in City Paper, the Alternative Weekly in Baltimore, Maryland. The column was written as CP was being sold to the Baltimore Sun Media Group, which publishes the Baltimore Sun, a daily newspaper owned by Tribune Publishing.… »12/11/14 12:16pm12/11/14 12:16pm

Transcript of a conversation with Oscar Isaac, star of Inside Llewyn Davis

The interview with Oscar Isaac, star of the Coen brothers' new movie Inside Llewyn Davis, (you might have heard about it slightly less than Anchorman 2) is to take place in a very nice hotel room, and the way it works is you sit around in the lobby, and then they (the MOVIE PEOPLE) walk you up to the floor the subject… »12/19/13 2:12am12/19/13 2:12am